About Us

Adore Children and Family Services is a
therapeutic foster care agency which offers services for children in need of substitute care.

What We Do

Adore serves children who have been sexually abused, neglected and abandoned, victims of physical or emotional abuse from birth – 17 years of age. Much too often this occurs right in our own community. It is the goal of Adore to ensure that every child in our care benefits
from our experience, professionalism and expertise and receives a loving and nurturing home that prepares them to become
responsible and productive citizens

Our Story

Adore Children & Family Services is a therapeutic foster care placement agency. At Adore, We take advantage of the 50+ years of family placement experience our staff has to, intimately and professionally, meet the needs of children in our care. We assist and guide the loving families whose calling it is to open their hearts, homes and lives to children in need.

Adore Children & Family Services works vigorously to ensure the successful development of each child in our care. Our staff is knowledgeable in current on all laws, regulations, educational and behavioral trends pertaining to all aspects of foster care.